Shoe Repairs

At McHugh's we offer a complete repair service.

From strappy stilettos to hiking boots or your favourite R.M.Williams Boots.
Ask us about any of your leather goods that are in need of repair.

Repair Service:

  • Children's dancing and school shoes repairs
  • Topy Sole & Heel 
  • Topy Sole 
  • Leather Sole & Heel 
  • Full Vibram Sole 
  • Heels 
  • Heel Lining 
  • New Socks (Bernard leather) 
  • Colour Change (Black only) 
  • Nylon Toe Tips 
  • Metal Toe Tips 
  • Reduce/ Increase Elastic 
  • Replace Boot Elastic 
  • Replace Elastic on Sling backs 
  • Replace Zipper Boots 

We can remake and fix straps on hand bags and sandals.

You might need a a handbag strap extended or shortened. With the warmer weather approaching do your sandals need some new soles or straps fixed?

Do you need a build up on one shoe? Just let us know the exact height and our masterful repairer can make it for you?

Stretching is another service we offer but we can only stretch across the width. Shoes can not be stretched length ways.

Would you like to know more about shoe care? We can show you how to do a proper polish and clean of your shoes. Sometimes suede can look worn out we can re vamp even the tiredest looking suede shoes.

Do you have a pair of R.M. WIlliams that you have worn over the decades but the elastic has gone. We can replace it with new elastic.