This Summer In Naot

Summer is upon us, and when the thermometer is hitting 40 degrees Celsius for days on end, it can be hard to keep both your cool and your style.

Shoe shops are full of the latest trends in sandals and lightweight footwear.  After a few hours of wearing your new strappy sandals, it’s so disappointing when your feet start to ache and straps start to chafe.

Unless of course you were smart enough to choose a Naot sandal.  Here at McHugh’s we think that Naot is pretty much the perfect footwear for keeping your feet happy on those sizzling days. 

The clever people at Naot have designed their summer shoes with the heat in mind. Each pair of Naot shoes and sandals is made with fine Italian leather that allows your feet to breathe, and the foot-bed is designed to absorb perspiration and keep your feet (and you) feeling fresh. 

The NAOT footpad is really something quite special.  Flexible and shock-absorbent, it is made from natural materials that encourage you to stand and walk in a natural and correct posture. 

The insole adjusts to your foot as you move, and after a short time your comfort level will increase as your body starts to relax, and your posture and alignment improves. 

Your feet will also be treated to a massage from the Naot insole, with your weight evenly distributed over the shoe, releasing aches and pains coming from other parts of your body.

You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.  A nice, cool, cloud.

Did we mention that Naot sandals look terrific? Two of our favourite Naot styles this summer will take you through your day looking and feeling fabulous.

Bonnie from the Naot Flat Elegant Collection

We love the Bonnie sandal!  The flat heel doesn’t take away from the elegance of this style, with cut-outs around the heel to add interest and a bit more ventilation.  The Bonnie is very easy to slide on and off with a Velcro adjustable strap around the ankle.  With the NAOT high-quality rubber, polyurethane and latex sole, your Bonnie sandals will last you through more than one summer.   The Bonnie is available in Camel or Black

Cupid from the Naot Fantasy Collection

If you prefer something with a slight heel, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort we cannot recommend the NAOT Cupid highly enough.  An extremely stylish choice with criss-cross braided leather and a wedge heel.  (Who doesn’t love a wedge heel?) The Cupid also features a hidden gore at the back making it very easy to get on and off. Padding in the front and back straps make the Cupid extra comfortable.

Whatever your have planned for the warm weather, we have Naot footwear to suit.  Shop for your new summer sandals now in our online store.


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