Our top tips for tip-top footwear

Rotate – give those shoes a break from your hardworking feet. If you have two or more pairs, never wear the same pair two days in a row. You can wear your favourite pair Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and your other options on Tuesday and Thursday. This allows the sweat to dry out before it gets too deep into the leather, and allows for some natural recovery.

Shoe trees – wooden are best. They keep the shape, as well as allow air to circulate inside. You will need a set for each pair of your best shoes, but keep in mind that you will have them forever – you may well replace your shoes, but you are unlikely to ever need new shoe tress (unless your dog eats those too!)

Polish – you don’t have to spend a lot of time if you are prepared to just do maintenance with a good polish. You will want to have a brush and polish on hand for any spills and stains you acquire during the day (or evening, most likely, as the spilt wine and dropped canapes are a frequent culprit), but for generally you can get away with a polish every other Sunday.

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