How to Care for your Shoes

Give your shoes a rest!

Simply alternating your shoes, so you never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, will make a world of difference to how long they look, and smell, like new. 
Even on cold days your feet will perspire, and if your shoes aren’t given enough time to air, the moisture will seep into the leather. 
What does excess moisture do to your shoes? They will lose their shape very quickly and yes - it’s not rocket science ladies and gentlemen – your shoes will start to smell.
Give your shoes a full 24 hours to dry out between wears. The key is to have at least two pairs of comfortable shoes that you can wear on alternate days. 

A good spit and polish

Well maybe not the spit – but certainly the polish, along with a nice soft cloth or two, a stiff-bristle brush for cleaning and a polish brush make up a basic shoe-care kit.
Make a habit of wiping away any spills or excess dirt from your shoes when you take them off at night.  Then every two to three weeks give them a proper clean and polish:

  1. Remove the laces.
  2. Begin with the dirtiest part of the shoe, and give the sole a gentle scrub with a dry brush to get off any dirt caught in the tread, or spattered onto the heels.
  3. Use a slightly damp cloth to finish wiping down the sole.
  4. Clean the shoe upper using a soft cloth. Again you might need to dampen it slightly if your shoes are very dirty.
  5. Cover the shoe with a generous amount of polish using a shoe polish brush, making sure you pay attention to the seams.
  6. Buff off the excess polish with a cloth until you’re happy with the shine.

    Invest in a shoe tree

    A what? 
    No, it’s not a tree that grows shoes. A shoe tree is wooden shoe insert that you put into your shoes when you’re not wearing them.
    The shoe tree will hold the shoes’ shape, and allow air to circulate inside so they dry out more quickly.
    If you have invested in a quality pair of leather shoes, then we strongly recommend you also invest in a shoe tree.
    The best are unvarnished (to draw the moisture from the shoe), have a full heel and a close fit between the wood and the shape of your shoe, and have a slot in the toe to help air circulate.
    A quality shoe tree isn’t cheap, but a good pair of shoes is an investment worth caring for. You will go through many pairs of shoes in your lifetime, but your shoe tree will last as long as you do!
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